? Custom Retrofits at Innkeeper LLC


  • Ball Joint Durability Retrofit

    Ball Joint Durability Retrofit

  • SH Fatigue Retrofit

    SH Fatigue Retrofit

  • SH Fatigue Retrofit 2

    SH Fatigue Retrofit 2

  • Tie Rod Fatigue Retrofit

    Tie Rod Fatigue Retrofit

  • Concrete Compression Retrofit

    Concrete Compression Retrofit

  • Biaxial Wheel Durability

    Biaxial Wheel Durability

Innkeeper has the ability to design, develop and retrofit any existing test system. We offer turnkey retrofit solutions or cooperative any stage of development that your equipment and process might currently be in.

Our InnControlâ„¢ system is perfect for control replacement and rebuild of single- or multi-axis servo hydraulic control systems.

InnControl is ideally suited as a replacement controller for existing test equipment in many different markets, including but not limited to:

  • Tensile/Compression
  • Universal Test Machine (UTM)
  • Servo-hydraulic/Electro-mechanical
  • Biaxial Wheel
  • Ball Joint/Tie Rod
  • FMVSS Seat Testing
  • 4 Post Road Simulator
  • Radiator & Heat Exchanger pressure cycle
  • Steering Gear
  • Damper/Shock Absorber