Biaxial Wheel Test Machine Control Retrofit

Closed loop servo-hydraulic controller designed to retrofit any style of biaxial wheel test machine

Wheel testing equipment is only as effective as the control system that runs it. The first biaxial test machines were built over 25 years ago and most are still using antiquated controls in varying states of repair. As with all machinery, there is a balance between the risk of equipment downtime and the cost of upgrading old components.

With the InnControl™Wheel Test Machine Control Retrofit, this balance point changes significantly. This low-cost, closed-loop servo-hydraulic controller is uniquely designed to retrofit any style of biaxial wheel test machine, offering a full performance control retrofit with a customized user interface at about one-quarter of the cost of the same retrofit from other companies.

At Innkeeper, our own biaxial wheel test machine is regularly correlated and certified by the LBF-Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. With it we perform biaxial wheel testing services using Eurocycle, AKR and SAE wheel testing standards. A great many of the innovations included in the base InnControl™user interface are due in part by our experience as users of this equipment. Another advantage of having our own biaxial wheel test machine in house is that all features and updates are fully tested on a machine before being released.